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Think Like a Content Company

In the 21st Century no matter what your core business is, your brand, company or organization is also a media company. Whether you realize it or not…

The digital age has given brands and consumers alike have the ability to create and consume content at scale. Smartphones, the internet, and social media have made this all possible. The way brands and consumers interact has changed radically over the last 20 years and you need to communicate with your intended audiences, otherwise someone else will.

The Content Game

You’ve got to be in it, to win it.

There is no excuse for your company not to be in the content game. Your target audiences are pretty agnostic to where they consume your story. Keep the focus on content and how it builds the brand, and that’s a winning strategy.

If you have a brand, product, business or service there is content to be made. There is something to say. Even if you don’t think there is, you can document the work. Everyday you are having conversations and sharing ideas around the work. That’s content!. Create a podcast, start a YouTube interview series. It’s all in play.

How Do We Do It?

What’s it like when you walk in the office or shared working space, or home office? What are the employees and co-workers thinking about? What’s going on in your industry? You have thoughts. Write about it, share it on social media. Comment on other people’s posts and re-share. The barrier for entry has never been lower.

But what if you could give content to your audience without selling? Providing them long-term value, building brand reputation and a relationship? Do you know what that leads to?


Yes. Sales! It’s a win-win!

Sit down with your team, start recording, documenting and writing. Then share it.

When you think like a media company you are prioritizing the brand. If brand and content are your top priorities you’ll win the competition for mindshare.

That’s the name of the game, and content is key.