Weekly Roundup: Unicorns, False Assumptions, New EU Tax Rules and more!

As you know, we share two of our favorite articles and blog posts each day.  For those of you who do not have time to read each of them, we have compiled the top 5 articles that have been shared the most:

  1. Why False Assumptions and Wrong Metrics Can Kill Your Marketing Success  via Susanna Gebauer
  2. The 3 Competitive Defenses of Enduring SaaS Companies  via Tomasz Tunguz at Redpoint
  3. The Most Important Advice I Could Give You About Unicorns http://ow.ly/2YLPTO via Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures
  4. How Will the EU’s New Value Added Tax (VAT) Rules Impact US Based Businesses? http://ow.ly/2YLPTv via Ed Leiber and Small Business Trends
  5. Simple Market Research for Your Business Plan   via Trailblaze Growth Advisors

What was your favorite?