Weekly Roundup: Consumer Engagement, Big Data, KPIs and more!

We got great feedback from last week’s roundup, so we’re going to continue providing you with our latest top 5 every Friday.

As you know, we share two of our favorite articles and blog posts each day. For those of you who do not have time to read each of them, we have compiled the top 5 articles that have been shared the most:

  1. Friday Is When Consumer Is Most Engaged With Their Phones [Report] http://ow.ly/2Yj6Ta  via NextBigWhat and InMobi
  2. Big Data Driven Decisions http://ow.ly/2Yj6SU via Business 2 Community
  3. The Marketing Trends That Will Drive Your Business in the Next 5 Years http://ow.ly/2Yj6SL via Business 2 Community
  4. 3 Simple Secrets to Marketing Absolutely Anything (Including Yourself) http://ow.ly/2Yj6Ti via The Muse and Alex Honeysett
  5. Best Marketing KPIs to Track Your Business Success insights via Trailblaze Growth Advisors

What was your favorite?